Every company is made of people working together towards an objective. Therefore, the various teams have to be coordinated, well organized and have to know exactly what their individual and shared goals are. Everybody should be committed to the vision, mission and core values of the company. That is why companies should set a plausible strategy so that it can be taken seriously by every team and individual.

We help guiding you towards a good strategy to obtain your company´s goals. The choices made afterwards will bring solid results, starting by the business performance. A good strategy has to be built after having fully analyzed and comprehended the company´s strength and weakness at the base.

The following step consists in consolidating the strength and finding a solution filling the company´s gap. The way to reach this goal starting from the base is to make good choices. These are to be established both by the consultant and the company, which has to agree to the consultant´s proposal. The strategy needs, afterwards, to be implemented by the firm. It should be forward-thinking, not only fixing the issues of the present moment but predicting the next happenings and being ready to take advantage of them.


It might seem obvious, but the main source of income growth are clients. Marketing is a core subject of business. A good company shouldn´t just have a large number of clients, but targeted, loyal and happy customers. In order to achieve this result, we assist you in deeply understanding the client´s needs and trends and meeting them. This brings, for instance, the innovation of the services and products provided or to better pre-and post-sales assistance. All improvements that, in time, can bring to customer´s loyalty, which leads to having a constant income. Happy customers are, finally, source of good and free publicity which lets the company´s actual clients number grow.

Furthermore, in a world in which the major information source is the internet, we can promote your services and products online. We also help making your product known. Another factor which plays a fundamental role in a company Is the IT. It has to be namely performant either for the employees and the customers. The first will be able to work in a stimulating environment, giving their best. The second will find your website (and other resources) user-friendly and, on average, will spend much more time reading your contents and offers. If it isn´t, many factors such as customer satisfaction and employees´ productivity are affected by it negatively.


While it is hard to build a profitable market, your consultant will analyze the type of business your company deals with and provide the best ideas, also concerning financial matters. In order to profitably sell a service or product, it is important to understand how much it is worth, how much it costs to the company and how much the clients are willing to pay for it. We help you adjusting the pricing system, which is a critical step for every firm, because it directly regards the impact of the product and the customer. While we help you improving marketing and promoting your products, your clients´ number will raise. Obtaining more customers means obtaining more income.

Consequently, this has to be intelligently allocated in order to further improve each and every aspect of the company. From the IT performance to the marketing, from the investments to the business development, we can help you finding the best way of dealing with income and outcome.

MEDIATION SERVICE is a middle-sized company with venues in Europe and Nepal. Thus, our services are mostly aimed at those who already have or want to have business relations between a European country and Nepal. We propose ourselves as communication vehicles between the two continents.

Of course, we operate not only as intermediaries in terms of language (offering translations and interpreting service) but as international relations and business intermediaries between two or among more companies. Our service unites Nepal and Europe like never before.


The business world is in constant evolution. Thus, the company must be adaptive, in order not to fear change but to see in it opportunities instead. The company´s business has to change shape more and more times and that means that, to be competitive, it has to be ready to do it, both in the near and in the long term.

We evaluate the most appealing business possibilities not only of the present moment but also for the future, and set your company to achieve them. Then, together with you, your consultant develops a solution to boost the business performance and generate better returns in terms of organization and income.